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DAUGRES, the spotlight of 2018 Guangzhou Design Week
Published time: 2018-12-03
Background of Guangzhou Design Week:

Guangzhou Design Week(GZDW) was founded by the municipal government of Guangzhou in 2006, is the only one annual design business event that has been certified by ICSID, ICOGRADA and IFI. As a multi-functional platform - to integrate design and put innovation into business opportunities, GZDW was playing a very important role in the design & creative industry in the past decade. This year, the theme of "Design + Brands" emphasized "connecting" designers and brands, keep providing the perfect environment for companies or individuals who want to get in and expand their influence in Chinese design industry.

On November 27th-29th, the highly anticipated 2018 Guangzhou Design Week (GZDW), was held at Pazhou Poly World Trade Expo Center. As the first large-scale B2B design exhibition with the theme of  "Design + Brands", as well as the largest number of participants, the widest influence and the highest degree of internationalization design event in China, GZDW attracted more than 200,000 designers and visitors from all over the world to gather here. 

As one of the leading brands of the world building material industry, Daugres made its dazzling appearance with the new concept of "EXTENDED HOME" in this exhibition. The core of "EXTENDED HOME" is according to extraordinary design, exquisite products display, and perfect application, made all the designers and customers experience Daugres’ exellent integrated home furnishing solution. With no doubt, "EXTENDED HOME" had became the spotlight of the design week. 

Daugres "Extended Home" Design for 2018 GZDW

Not only so many designers and vistors attracted by Daugres "Extended Home", but also many social media came to interview our senior management .

G.M of Daugres Italy  Mr.Morneo Quartieri

Chief Business Officer of Daugres Italy  Mr.Jyrki Luomoala

Chairman of Daugres China Mr.Paul Deng

     Vice president of Daugres China Mr. Francis Yuen

          Vice President of Daugres China  Mr.Heping Fu

Deign Director of Daugres Italy  Mr.Stefano Lodesani

As the first show of Guangzhou design week, with the new concept of our excellent integrated home solution "EXTENDED HOME", Daugres presented perfectly what is "FUTURE HOME, INFINITE POSSIBILITES”.

What will be the next destination of our journey? Please keep following us.

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