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Published time: 2016-12-16

On November 18th2016,Daugresentered Muscat Collections, the one-stop service company for home decoration,which located in Muscat, Oman. Francis Yuen, vice-president was invited toattend the grand opening.

Francis expressed that it was Daugres’honor being able to show the products in Muscat, he said, “Our origin isbasically from Italy and since 2001 we had invested in China. Since then wehave grown our network to 250 and have long term plans to make it 1,000 in nearfuture. We have branches all over the world including the US, Middle East,Southeast Asia, Australia, etc.”

“We have several choices of ourproducts that are suitable both for the budget and the necessity. It is amatter of great pride to extend our office in Muscat.”

(The report of Daugres’ entering Muscat Collections fromlocal media. )

Mr. Hamdoon, the founder of Muscat collectionssaid, “We are always committed to building the elegant style space with premierquality and refined taste for the person who knows indeed how to enjoy life.Embedded with a wonderful life style with luxury, charm and elegance. The richvarious style of Muscat Collections provided can always meet your beautiful andperfect pursue to life.”

“I am very happy be a partner ofDaugres,and I am confident that our association with Daugres will yield greatresults in the future.”

Daugres always devotes itself toItalian original design, aiming at offering perfect solutions for both interiorand outdoor space. As one of the most advanced company among ceramic industry,Daugres built up the bridge for ceramic art and design culture between Chinaand Italy.


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