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Published time: 2016-12-16

2016 Daugres CEO Forum 1st Meeting-2nd Phase was held in Hilton Zhongshan Downtown from May 8th-9th.

In the morning, distributors took avisit to Daugres 6th road showroom and Daugres project showroom.They are impressed by the Italian original design which was presented by PaulDeng, president of Daugres.

After that, Andy An, the productiondirector introduced about the advantages and prospective of Multi-bodyproducts. He said, Multi-body products would be a new trend for the industry in2016.And Daugres, one of the leader in this period, was sure to be quiteoutstanding for its excellent product.

Sail Zhao, senior-manager of BrandPromotion, also explained to distributors about the policy of ordering.

In the afternoon, PK games among began.Distributors debated deeply on brand positioning, product competitiveness,company structure, and daily affairs, etc.

On the morning of 9th,distributors presented their discussion in PPT by teams. Huamao International Co., LTD., Brave International Materials and Wild Wolf International Materials were selected as the best three among those reports.

In that afternoon, Mr.Hou, generalmanager of Guangzhou Jianzhong Consulting shared his views about how toinnovate under new situation.

Jyrki Luomala,managing vice director ofCeramica Daugres S.R.L. appraised that it was a brand new communication amongdistributors, and it should be also effective for both headquarter anddistributors.

At the end, Paul gave the summary forthe meeting and expressed his expectation for the coming cooperation. He was confidentthat the new ideas and concepts proposed during the meeting would contribute toa brighter future.

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